Founded by Ashlan & Philippe Cousteau, Voyacy is restoring our ocean, creating immersive destination design, and producing engaging media.


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Voyacy (noun): a combination of voyage and legacy; the act of following life’s journey in a way that honors one’s legacy.
Inspired by the legacy of three generations of ocean conservationists, explorers, and storytellers, we believe that sustainability is a mediocre goal, and we strive for excellence, not mediocrity. The goal of any business should be to create places and storytelling content that inspire guests and consumers to restore our world. Our diverse team consists of industry leaders whose work is unmatched, from the first family of the ocean to the world’s leading coral scientist, the godfather of theme park design to Emmy-winning producers, senior executives with extensive experience in green building and design, and more. Past projects and clients include Universal Studios, The US State Department, CNN, Travel Channel, La Mer Skincare, US Green Building Council, the country of Barbados, E! Entertainment, Discovery Channel, Netflix, CNN, several World Expos, Six Senses Maldives, among many others.

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The Ocean

Working together across a wide variety of disciplines, Voyacy and our partners are striving towards a restorative future for everyone.

The Red Sea

Voyacy is driving coral reef restoration combined with innovative resort destination design at a scale never before imagined.

Coral Reef Restoration Initiative

In 1999, Philippe Cousteau and Dr. David Vaughan launched the Coral Reef Restoration Initiative. The project was a pioneering research effort that tested the viability of growing corals in an aquaculture facility in order to plant them onto damaged coral reefs. It proved a success and paved the way for the entire coral aquaculture industry. 25 years ago, Voyacy's team paved the way for all other coral aquaculture programs to come, and we are still leading the way.


Voyacy's Chief Scientist Dr David Vaughan was instrumental in a coral restoration project in Belize that achieved remarkable results and proved the efficacy of active reef restoration using his microfragmentation technique.

World Expos

Led the design, construction, and management of the United States Pavilion at the World Expo: Living Oceans and Coasts in Yeosu Korea. CEO and Founding partner Philippe Cousteau served as spokesperson representing the United States at the Expo.