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Voyacy Ventures is Building a Restorative Future.

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Voyacy Ventures is Building a Restorative Future. (for People and our Ocean).

Voyacy Ventures is a company inspired by the legacy of its founders – three generations of a family dedicated to the adventure of exploring and protecting the world. As a leading environmental restoration company founded by Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau; Voyacy is leading the way towards building a better future by redefining 21st century environmental restoration, destination tourism, and storytelling.

The world faces a crisis and there is an urgent need for solutions to restore nature at scale. For 25 years, our science team has pioneered coastal restoration technology and now we are bringing that restoration to a scale never before imagined. But simple restoration is not enough. We bring expertise in destination development, blue economy financing, and media storytelling to create a truly holistic solution to restoring coastal ecosystems, integrating it into a tourism/blue economy strategy, identifying natural capital financing, and creating storytelling content to share it with the world.

Every project we work on is designed to build regenerative environmental, economic, and social systems.

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Continuing a family legacy of exploration and restoration, Philippe Cousteau Jr. is an activist, TV host, producer, author, and speaker, known for his Emmy-nominated series “Awesome Planet” and his role in “Caribbean Pirate Treasure” on The Travel Channel. He’s also hosted and produced shows for CNN, Animal Planet, and the BBC, focusing on environmental issues. Cousteau’s conservation efforts include founding EarthEcho International and writing award-winning books like “Follow the Moon Home” and “Oceans for Dummies.”



Ashlan Gorse Cousteau is a journalist, producer, and explorer known for her work on top television networks, including producing and co-starring in Travel Channel’s “Caribbean Pirate Treasure” and executive producing “Nuclear Sharks” for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. With over two decades of experience, she has reported for Entertainment Tonight and served as an anchor for E! News. Cousteau is an advocate for youth leadership and environmental education through her involvement with EarthEcho International and serves on the boards of Antarctica 2020, the Environmental Media Association, and the National Council of the World Wildlife Fund.

Dr. David Vaughan

Aquaculture Executive

Dr. David Vaughan is a keystone figure in ocean conservation, particularly known for his pioneering work in coral restoration through aquaculture systems. With a Ph.D. from Rutgers University, he has held various leadership roles at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, overseeing projects such as the world’s largest marine ornamental hatchery and developing innovative indoor recirculating shrimp farming. Vaughan’s contributions extend to founding the Coral Reef Restoration Initiative in partnership with Philippe Cousteau’s non-profit, which sparked the global movement of active coral restoration.

Robert Ward

Destinations & Experiences Insights

Robert Ward boasts a fifty-year career specializing in leisure entertainment and resort destinations globally, demonstrating expertise in collaborating with multidisciplinary teams for the conceptualization, design, and production of mixed-use destinations, resorts, and experiences. Notably, during his tenure at Universal Studios Parks & Resorts, he played a pivotal role in transforming the Universal Studios Hollywood Tour into a renowned theme park brand, leading the master planning for Universal Orlando Resort, and expansion projects worldwide. Awarded the industry prestigious, THEA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009, Ward continues to contribute to the industry through consulting, strategic planning, and partnerships aimed at promoting economic, social, and environmental sustainability in tourism.

Julieta Moradei

Design & Innovation Expert

A structural engineer and architect turned social entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Julieta Moradei has dedicated her career to innovating the construction industry and empowering entrepreneurs. From her work at Disney and Arup to founding Hometeam VC, the first minority-female-led VC fund in construction, Julieta has been at the forefront of investing in early-stage startups addressing challenges in the built environment. With a background in structural engineering and architecture, coupled with her passion for impact-driven projects, she focuses on digitizing the built environment and promoting innovation for social impact and climate change.

Heiko Henning

Chief Operating Officer

Heiko comes to Voyacy with an extensive background building and scaling high-growth companies, primarily in the technology / SaaS sector. With a particular focus on Go-To-Market and customer stewardship, he has held a variety of CXO and executive leadership positions across revenue, marketing, professional services, partnerships and corporate development at such companies as Blackbaud, Vision2, Lante, and Trilogy. Heiko started his journey with a computer engineering background, and quickly pivoted into the world of business strategy and management. This included working at McKinsey and Company across a number of sectors and practices, but ultimately leveraging his business building passion in the world of technology and start-ups.

Bob Asher

Senior Producer

Bob Asher is an Emmy-nominated showrunner known for his visionary storytelling and innovative production work across major broadcast networks, streamers, and cable channels, including recent projects on NETFLIX, ABC, and Discovery Channel. With a background in journalism and documentary filmmaking, Bob’s natural curiosity and passion for adventure drive him to deliver compelling narratives, even in challenging conditions, collaborating with talented teams to create engaging content worldwide.

Andrew Snowhite

Strategic Management Executive

A seasoned Sustainability and Strategy executive with a rich background spanning 20 years, Andrew Snowhite focuses on driving business growth through innovative green and blue initiatives worldwide. Notable achievements include advising on sustainable coastal development in Saudi Arabia’s ‘giga-projects’, leading public-private partnerships for the U.S. Department of State at international expos, and co-founding an environmental consulting firm with Philippe Cousteau. With extensive experience in diverse sectors and partnerships with major organizations, Andrew is recognized as a leader in global sustainability, frequently speaking at prominent events and contributing to media outlets like CNN and Discovery Channel.

Claudia Muñoz Colón

Coral Technician

Claudia Muñoz Colón is a coastal marine biologist from Puerto Rico who is deeply committed to protecting the ocean. Through her work, she educates local communities, especially focusing on reef conservation, to ensure a sustainable future for coastal ecosystems.

Luke Spicer

Business & Creative Analyst

Luke Spicer is a dedicated advocate for environmental action, leveraging his storytelling prowess and analytical acumen to drive positive change. Committed to fostering partnerships and implementing innovative solutions that promote environmental accountability, he links the bright promise of tomorrow with the essential management of day to day maintenance. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for moving beyond sustainability to actual restoration, he excels in facilitating the smooth operations of initiatives that champion for a future in which our ocean thrives.